Voortman Steel Machinery

Voortman Steel Machinery

Voortman Steel Machinery

23.06.2024 01:06

Voortman V623

Highly autonomous combined drilling, milling and sawing for small and medium-sized steel

Introducing the Voortman V623, a top of the range drilling, routing and sawing machine designed for continuous, unmanned operation.

The V623 can process a very wide range of profiles and produce them efficiently with a logical output sequence that maximizes the use of cross transports. What sets the V623 apart is its innovative gripper carriage. This feature eliminates virtually all clamping restrictions and enables automatic loading of almost any profile without the need for operator intervention or even extra welded-on temporary gripper fixtures.
Equipped with our advanced VACAM control software, the V623 helps the machine operator achieve maximum efficiency. The software provides full visibility of all buffers during infeed, outfeed and short product removal, enabling seamless management of the entire process.

Efficient tool transfers

The central changer holds up to 42 tools, enabling smooth tool changes for the three drilling units and ensuring efficient operation. Adding new tools is easy. The changer, combined with pneumatic tool handling, enables uninterrupted production with minimal monitoring. It simplifies the transportation of tools from the changer to the tool handling of the drilling spindle and between axes for automatic changeover, increasing system efficiency for longer unmanned production.

NEW Innovative gripper

With the V623 you can produce almost any profile up to 300 x 300 mm with unsurpassed efficiency. Its innovative gripper carriage offers unlimited profile clamping and enables automatic loading without operator intervention. The gripper jaw secures the material from the outside, with a hydraulic cylinder regulating the clamping force to protect sensitive profiles. A sensor pneumatically detects the material and allows the gripper carriage to approach the profiles at 60 m/min to ensure a fast and smooth production process.

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